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To lay the foundations for a trauma healing ministry, top leaders of churches and relevant organizations need a bird’s eye view of the need, the response, and the commitment. This can be done in a half-day or evening convening session. Those who are interested can then identify those who should be equipped as facilitators to serve the community.

INITIAL Equipping session

At the initial equipping session, participants learn basic biblical and mental health principles relating to trauma care; explore if they themselves are carrying any wounds of trauma or loss and bring those to Christ for healing; learn how to lead groups in a participatory way; learn the program model; and develop plans for using what they have learned in their community

ADVANCED Equipping session

The advanced equipping session hones the skills acquired at the initial equipping session and during the practicum. By the end of this session, trainees should be better able to solve program issues arising in trauma healing as they carry out their ministries. They should understand the materials completely and clearly and be able to teach in a participatory way. Participants who have the necessary competencies are certified as training facilitators or healing group facilitators at the end of the advanced session.


Facilitators go through the materials with groups of 6-12 people, both to heal from trauma and loss and to know how to better respond to these things in the future. This can be done in weekly meetings, or as a weekend retreat.


Administrators, mental health professionals and trauma healing facilitators gather to share experiences, identify challenges, strategize, participate in professional development and pray together. To Building the safe space and strengthen the network.



Introduction Session — This introductory session lays the foundation fora trauma healing ministry. Learn an overall understanding of how trauma healing works and how it can be effective for your church or organization.


Initial Training — Participants learn basic biblical and mental health principles related to trauma care. They explore their own heart to see if they are carrying any wounds of trauma or loss. They bring their wounds to Christ for healing and then learn how to lead healing groups in a similar way.


Advanced Training — People who complete the initial training can become more advanced in their skills.They will learn how to handle different challenges and practice implementing the material fully. Anyone who completes this will be a certified facilitator for trainings or healing groups.


Healing Groups — These are groups of 6-12 people led by trained facilitators, who help group participants work through their trauma and also learn how to better cope with pain in the future.


Gathering Session — We build a safe place to strengthen your trauma healing network for those who have been trained. There will be a time to share experiences, identify challenges, participate in professional development, and pray together. • (66) 53-262-136

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