Testimony of Healing from the Distress
of the COVID-19 Crisis

Drawing 1:

In the midst of this lockdown (which for me started on 12th March – a week earlier than the official nationwide lockdown of 18th March) I felt overwhelmed by a sense of multiple losses. To name a few: all of a sudden a few of my family members were having some threatening health condition. One sister was hospitalized for incremental chest pains, another is a living time bomb as she is dealing with a tumour near her brain stem. A nephew was rushed to hospital due to uncontrolled diabetes. As a result he nearly went into a coma. But the most recent and serious is….


Testimonies of Healing from the Distress of the COVID-19 Crisis.

During the art exercise about the love of God, in my first drawing, God seems so far up there and I am thinking about COVID-19 all the time. After listening to Romans 8:38-39 in my second picture, I feel that I am very close to God. He is right here beside me.

Testimonies of Healing from the Distress of the COVID-19 Crisis.

I am happy to be in the session of Healing from the distress of COVID-19 crisis. I felt that even though I was not in the conference room with the rest of the staff I benefited from the session. After we finished, I received more knowledge about the COVID19 disease. Even though now I realized that the disease is not as frightening as I had thought, I know that I should not ignore it and know in general how to prevent getting the disease. I especially enjoyed being able to connect and share with each other during the discussions in our group. The part that I am impressed with the most is being able to pray and leave all my worries with God. I felt that it helped me the most.

• • •

“After participating in an initial session, I understood myself and others better. This healing process has continued in my life. The experience of bringing the pain to the cross brought healing to me. This in turn brought more courage and strength to face new difficulties and challenges in my life, as well as being able to help others.” – Attendee of Initial Equipping Session in 2014

I found Healing the wounds of trauma an excellent tool for the teens I worked with, who have been traumatized by abuse; be it developmental trauma or at a later age of sexual abuse or exploitation or physical abuse or victims of labor trafficking. In doing group work, they are usually quiet to start with, but as they get to know each other, more gets shared, especially through the expression of art; during the group work, one housemother was amazed by what she learned about the girls under her care. – Attendee of Advanced Equipping Session in 2016

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